Saturday, September 14, 2013

Issues in Range

As of last post I made the mark 2, which was a redesign from the original prototype (Mark 1). After receiving the much need parts that I thought would make mark 2 (Figure 1.1 - 1.2) more range worthy I ran into major problems with lack of torque. If I add in the required part to get to the 15' that is required in the product specifications, the mousetrap spring would have so little torque that it didn't even travel past 6'.

Figure 1.1 Gearing to Mark 2 Adaptation

Figure 1.2 Adaptation of Mark 2
 In an effort to diagnose the torque problem I moved back to the smaller wheels (Figure 1.3-1.4) which bumped the travel to about 10'. The only problem here is that with my calculation the care would only be able to reach 12' at most and obviously that is not the case missing the max distance by 2'. 

Figure 1.3 moving back to smaller wheels
 Now since I have the weekend I don't have much time left to resolve the issues. In short I need to increase the energy in the spring, and reduce friction to get it to travel farther.

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