Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Customer Needs

For our class we had to make a table of customer needs that were to be derived from the product specifications as given by the grading rubric. Here we thought as though our customers were children, and the mousetrap car was a toy.

*Based on the idea that the mouse trap car is some type of hobby kit/toy for consumers
Customer Needs
Product Specifications (As grading rubric)
Cheap and available source of mechanical energy
Mousetrap is the only source of energy
Need car to move an suitable distance to keep children entertained
Controlled travel distance of 3-15 feet
Need car to not move farther that a user would want to run to get it (e.g. Rolling out into the street by accident)
Maximum travel distance is >15 feet
Car is easy to transport when playing with
Maximum width when ready to release >= 12 in
Car is easy to transport when playing with
Maximum length when ready to release >= 24 in
Passes government toy certification (CPSC)
Withstand a drop from 5 feet,  and 5lbs
User Interface
80% of 5-10 year old children should be able to use it.
Although mostly subjective, product should be generally aesthetically pleasing

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